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Invisible Strings

Published By - Blackbird Books

Book Description

A spoiled and self-absorbed Mamokgethi Pule's life is brought to an abrupt halt by an unplanned pregnancy. As her daughter Thato grows, she begins to develop otherworldly powers ranging from visions, to seeing the dead, to healing by touch. A young pastor, Solomon Khumalo, is desperate to prove himself by preaching the word of God to a large and loyal congregation. When he discovers Thato's powers, he makes Mamokgethi a tempting offer: in exchange for money, he would pass off Thato's healing powers as his own.

As the pastor's popularity and thirst for power grows, Thato finds herself increasingly haunted by the past. The ripples of a family tragedy are still felt 30 years later, and the burden of solving it rests on young Thato's shoulders. Invisible strings is a story about the past bleeding into the present, the living and the dead, and the use of religion to mask sinister intentions.


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