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Ghetto Child Stories

Published By - Anthony Moipolai

Book Description

The road to success is not an easy one, it comes with big potholes and scary curves but once you cross this road it is much sweeter and better on the other side.

Anthony Moipolai, also known as 'Shirm' is a filmmaker, educator, and a highly motivated storyteller. Drawing from his own personal experiences dealing with gangsterism, raised by a single unemployed mother, family struggles, and various other obstacles, Shirm allows Ghettor Child Stories to be an "open book" from which young people in townships can relate to. Seven years after graduating from high school, he starts his first year at university towards a BA degree. Shirm received his undergrad BA degree, followed by his honors degree from AFDA Motion Picture and Live Performance School in Cape Town, South Africa.

Do not let your past determine your future


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