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Sanity Prevail

Published By - Blackbird Books

Book Description

Sanity Prevail is told in the first person. The story devolves around a character who is admitted in the Psychiatric Ward of a government hospital. The structure of the novel sets out to be subversive in its approach to plot, perhaps an unavoidable result of the story's fidelity to the unpredictable nature of daily life in an establishment housing the mentally ill.

Through examining the principal character's thoughts and experiences, as well his interactions with his fellow patients, the novel straddles themes ranging from mental health (as both concept and reality) to xenophobia, poverty and alienation, history and religion, and ultimately, what it means to have compassion, and to be alive. If the apparent objective of many a novel is to provide no easy answers, Sanity Prevail is a painstaking claim for the intrinsic value of asking the right questions.


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