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Blossoming Of Childhood Excellence

Published By - Sershin Prevendren Naicker

Book Description

""Blossoming of Childhood Excellence" is a book that beautifully highlights value based development within young children not just in the Republic of South Africa but across the world. The book contains 26 odd characters that come from 26 different countries which are particularly 3rd world countries that are not generally featured in children's literature. The selection of characters come from across various belief systems, cultures and race. This was the highlight concept of "Unity in Diversity" and the "World is One Family". In a very creative and simple way, human values that are essential for a well-rounded development of a child is brought out in a practical way to demonstrate to young readers what they can do to become better children to their parents, teachers, the community and world at large. The book exposes children to the simple morals and values of a positive, stimulating and formidable way of growing up. It expresses the practical nature of how these human values can unfold in each and every child of this world thus making not just their homes and communities better places but being on that journey of global excellence in making a positive impact upon this universe. The uniqueness of the writing makes it appropriate for children from ages 5 to 12rnand easy for them to understand the concepts and therefore practice it as a result. The main concept of the book is the unfolding and "blossoming" of excellence that is within each and every child in this world. The book is colourful, creative, dynamic and has incorporated ancient teachings of childhood development with a modern style of writing and illustration


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