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Being Gay Is Not All Fabulous: Short Stories Of Black South African Gay Men

Published By - Uj Press

Book Description

This book is born out of a need to speak back to a powerful, pervasive narrative about the lives of black gay men. The narratives still circulating pay no attention to the role of agency, creativity, hope, aspirations, and everyday lives of gay men. They are always gruesomely spectacularised for various gazes that satisfy news cycles.rnThis is a non-fiction monograph telling of the community who don’t fit-in, that is rooted in both privilege and pain. The reader can expect intensive healing to the LGBTIQ+ community and allies. This book will allow the reader to witness resilience. The chapters in the book presents the contributors powerful yet vulnerable – a revelation of men who hurt, experience trauma, and stand in their vulnerability.rnWhat this book aims to achieve is to help firstly, gay men and young boys to find peace and know that somebody out there relates to their story and that giving up in not an option. Secondly, parents, aunties and uncles; please learn from these experiences. We need your support. We don’t need you to judge us especially when the society frowns at our identity or makes us feel like we are the outcast. To the society, the time is now – we need to start work on rebuilding, reconciling and teaching love.


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