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How best can you summarize an emotional roller-coaster into just one feeling? Moving from high tides to lows and highs again with no neutral to allow the boat the luxury of ‘cruise mode’.

Introductions are not really meant to be complicated given that the content always honours that grace, but I guess uniqueness is something this world is best known for to cover up the unusual phenomenon of being ‘different’. I, for one being part of the ‘world’ choose a different introduction. 

Misfortunes, how many does one have to experience before becoming fortunate? We’ve all embraced a typical saying that for one to know what sunshine is, they have to go through the darkness of the night. It’s so common to us that whenever we strive for anything we automatically anticipate the darkness before daylight as we believe that’s how logic has it to be.

I chose to write my own story, going against the odds of encountering rain before rainbows. I chose to have my sunlight before any darkness. We can`t all have the same tradition of thinking. The more we dwell and believe in it, the deeper we get lured into it.

I was different, I am different and will remain different. I’ve had my share of darkness as you’d have it, but I choose to call it a cloud of obstruction meant only to last no longer than an hour before the sun comes into view again. My sun is meant to shine without change, I experience days and not nights and so everything I do and plan to do is meant to be done this day for night comes not to change the statement to tomorrow.

I am stronger than the high tides and winds that choose to bicker at my boat. I’ve had to stand on firm ground for my ink to write perfect a story you can only think of as fiction. Our cries for justice may be different, mine has done my pillows more damage than good, but between the sobs and pleas, a hope for all days comforts my soul.

My reality spells zealous…rn





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