Introvert (things that took my smile)

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Being an introvert(things that took my smile)As I`m writing this book,it means am turning lemons into lemonades (basically my pain might be useful)the world I have been living in caused emotional turmoil, which ripped The confidence i never had.filled with confusion and indecisiveness of what I should is it that I learned this behaviour? what I have experienced being low-self esteemed, probably not knowing where I belonged, hence the multiple attempted suicide resulting in overdose of pills.

Troubled soul of a young girl

How can I say am a introvert when I feel like I have been shoved into a corner which has no room for me to talk about my feelings or feel what I need to feel?how can I say I`m a introvert when I feel like I had to mute in order not to speak about my unsolicited feelings on how being tormented (teased) really broke my heart.blindsided by those horrible negative thoughts that didn`t lead me to see what I was made of, how much worth lies behind my name.people-pleaser never really got the chance to please,instead it brought me to tears I couldn`t even explain.broke the self esteem I never knew existed.what footprints am I supposed to follow when I feel like I have lost thee shadow I never really got to know... how could I isolating/alienating myself?not wanting to associate with the world I have been brought into! self-consciousness weighing down on my do I get rid of u?




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