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Hey! My name is Simon M Kekana. I am the author of the novel MAGENTS  101, that tells a story of life in the townships. This novel follows a young man by the name of Andy, who is a son of a wealthy politician, who resides in the presidential suburbs of Pretoria. After two decades, he decides to go and visit his cousin who stays in Alexandra township. Upon his arrival, he is confronted with the sad reality of poverty that is evident in black townships. In just a few days, he experiences mixed emotions from happiness to sadness. In his life, he never thought he would meet with people, just to see them dead in just a short space of time. The perfect example of life between the rich and the poor can be easily explained by the aerial view of Alexandra and Sandton and this novels explains that social imbalance in our country. It is a very exciting novel filled with laughter, humour and sadness.  

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