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SA Books Online is a literary directory for everything that is South African literature. SA Books Online’s purpose is to direct all consumers of South African literature onto one platform and redirect directly to the owners of the literary content.

All literature that is created in South Africa or created in relation to the South African context by South Africans or pupils who have a relation to South Africa is found on this platform. The documentation of the South African literature agenda that contributes to the global library that fills particular gaps in history’s timeline whether fact or fiction is a crucial role of great value that SA Books Online has stepped up and taken responsibility for.

The rich history of this country prior colonisation, during invasion, in the dark times of apartheid right to the current rainbow years of a worldly admired democracy and whenever the future may place this country is an important study to the understanding of human behaviour by both its citizens and the global community. As such, it is vital to make access to its literary works in all formats, from politics and religion right to its economic activities and different facets of culture lifestyle, architectural and educational developments to the fictional works that vividly demonstrate the evolving imaginations of the minds being groomed by this land. The historic footprint of SA Books Online is not only exclusive to present times, but will be enjoyed and appreciated by forthcoming generations.

“Without a doubt history is dictated by those who document it, thus for too long South African history has been scattered resulting is great difficulty to trace or retrace it. That was until SA Books Online, that is why we exist, to correct an unnoticed injustice to our land. As important as it is to document information, it is equally important that it is easily accessed.”

- Founder & CEO of SA Books Online, Sbusiso Manqa